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Maternity Photography

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

I have loved photography my whole life. The first thing I ever won was a $5 prize for coming in first place at a small-town fair when I was a teenager. It was a landscape of a sunset and to this day I still can't get enough of capturing the world in the lens!

My journey with photography took a few left turns throughout the years and I got stuck at a few roadblocks, even got lost a time or two, but the desire to freeze time with a camera has never truly left me.

Sure, it hibernated while I was in college and took a back seat when I was a young mom, but it was always there, sometimes just out of reach but always whispering its presence.

Enter Covid and all the havoc and heartache it wreaked, but for me it also provided a silver lining. The passion that had been dormant for years was reborn.

I love photographing moms-to-be because both photography and motherhood bring life to my life. I look forward to photographing every mom who allows me the privilege to do so, but that is only the tip of the berg! I am obsessed with viewing what we created afterwards- the editing, the cropping, the manipulating something good to something stunning. Then of course the sharing of the gallery is the proverbial cherry on top.

Maternity photography brings joy to my life and yours!

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