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Why every expecting mom needs maternity portraits!

Maternity sessions, mom to be photography, pregnancy portraits...whatever you want to call it- just do it!

Why should every mom to be indulge in photography? Because every belly in bloom is a treasured occasion.

IF it is your first child then, hello, no brainer! You are embarking on the most momentous event of your life and documenting the beauty of it is most definitely a must do! That little being inside of you is going to change your life, already has actually. Don't you see it in the way people respond to you when they find out you are expecting or see that you are pregnant? Don't you feel it when you touch your belly, turn sideways in the mirror and notice that first flutter of movement in your growing belly? Every day is a new beginning, but when you are expecting your first child, every day is alike standing on the edge of tomorrow-full of hope, expectations, worry, excitement, love, joy, concern, and gratitude.

If it is your second, third, or more pregnancy, why wouldn't it be any less special? Is the second child not as significant as the first? Of course not! Your body is growing and giving life again and this time around holds all of the same wonder. There is a new little member waiting to meet everyone. Their journey a bean in the womb to a baby in your arms deserves to be documented just as much as the ones that came prior. You not only deserve to preserve this special time in your life but your child will love to see how you glowed when they were growing from within.

You need maternity photos because in life, it's the things we don't do that we end up regretting.

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