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Why do women get nursing portraits?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Why do I love photographing a mom breast-feeding her baby?

In a nutshell, precious, precious, precious! The sweetness, the beauty, the love- why would I not love photographing a mom providing nourishment to her babe? I honestly can't think of any other singular event where I can capture such trust and devotion.

Trust and devotion that is at the heart of every relationship, but it rains supreme in the mother-child relationship, and it all begins in those moments when a mother first offers her breast to the babe who is waiting to fiercely latch on and receive the life-giving mothers milk. Trust and devotion begin in these moments because while breast-feeding is a sweet simplistic action, it is anything but easy!

Anyone who has attempted to nurse their newborn knows there is a learning curve. The inability to latch on correctly, the delay of the milk, the discomfort of being engorged, the embarrassment of leaking breasts, to the exhaustion of being the sole source of sustenance for that little one is enough to cause any mom to give up and turn to the freedom of a bottle.

I sure did! After 5 days of all the above-mentioned stressors, I needed to find stable ground and an once of normalcy to secure what seemed to be my disappearing sanity. A pump and a bottle were my saving grace. I am proud to admit that I am not ashamed of it because it allowed me the opportunity to sustain my baby's growing needs and it too was a means to develop that trust and devotion.

That is why when I see a breast-feeding mom who is able to do it successfully for as long as she and her baby desire, I am full of awe, and yes, a little bit of envy. But mostly I just have

an overwhelming sense of wonder and joy for that maternal duo. I may not have been successful at nursing my baby, but I am successful at photographing those fabulous and fleeting moments for you and your baby!

I look forward to providing a private, calming and cozy space for you to nurse, while I capture the sweet memories for you to have long after your breast-feeding days are gone.

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