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Cozy Cottage Photography
Capturing seasons of the female journey


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Photographing a belly in bloom is a privilege and a joy. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing this through the lens. I loved being pregnant! Knowing that everyday my body was literally providing breath and life to another human being was a profound treasure. Now I get to provide you with the opportunity to see just how beautiful you are with a belly in bloom. 


Milestone {noun} An action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. 

Have you ever thought about that word?  People used to use stones to mark the distance in miles along the road, thus milestones. Now the word is synonymous with change, varying stages, growth, events and potential. Babies have so many milestones that eventually just become memories. Photographs are the stones along your baby's path that memorializes their fleeting, yet significant, moments. 

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and Babes...

We all want to feel like a babe and we all should feel like a babe! No matter your age, your weight, your relationship status or anything else that has the power to make you think you are less then, I want to help you see your beauty. I want you to walk proud and hold your head high knowing, you are a BABE!  My studio is cozy, welcoming and private, allowing for you to relax and embrace all the beauty that is you. 

Kind Words

I really enjoyed my maternity session with Tracey. It was way better experience than I had with the photographer during my first pregnancy. The studio space is super cute and I loved the selection of gowns. Tracey took her time to make sure I felt comfortable and to get the most amazing photographs.


I had a wonderful time at Cozy Cottage Photography. First, I loved the atmosphere! It felt very cozy and the set ups were very natural, not as posed. The vibe was very chill and I felt like I could be myself with her. My nursing photos came out great and she was really able to capture the relationship between me and my baby.                     


During my third trimester, I had the pleasure of doing a maternity shoot with Tracey at her Cozy Cottage. I've never felt more beautiful during my pregnancy as I did that day and I carried that feeling with me up to the day of my daughter's birth. She was amazing to work with and made me feel at home from the moment I walked into her studio. 


Tracey was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her studio environment was so inviting and warm, it made my daughter immediately more comfortable. She kept the entire session fun and we laughed nonstop. The shots she captured were all so beautiful but also incredibly natural and really captured our true selves!                                                       ~Rachel

Tracey is an amazing photographer to work with! She immediately makes you feel comfortable and creates a fun experience with her wonderful personality. Tracey has an amazing way of interacting with her clients. My daughter and I have had our photos taken with Tracey many times and every time my daughter, who is a toddler, is moving all over the place! Each and every time she finds a way to perfectly capture my daughter's personality and our relationship, with her beautiful and uniquely creative style. Her photos truly amaze me. You will absolutely love the photos Tracey captures and the experience she provides!


Hi, I'm Tracey

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I have loved photography my whole life!

It was a passion of mine since the beginning, but like many of us I didn't follow the dream. I made what they call, "the safer choice."  What does that even mean? 

Anyway, my choices weren't bad or wrong, they just didn't feed my creative flame.

It turns out 50 is a magical number. As it looms in the distance, it whispers to us, wanting to remind us of what we have forgotten. Then as it edges closer, we begin to feel a sense of urgency, asking it to say more and speak louder. When it finally knocks on our door, we realize it is bearing a gift. As we humbly open it, we are blessed with a boldness we had forgotten we once possessed.

My gift was the seed for Cozy Cottage Photography. I am ever nurturing that seed and giving it the nutrients to grow and prosper. Your portrait occasion is that seed in bloom.

 Welcome to Cozy Cottage Photography!

Let's Get Cozy!

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